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From Peter Karman <>
Subject Re: [Lucy] Revisions to Incubator proposal
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2010 12:14:34 GMT
Marvin Humphrey wrote on 7/1/10 12:08 PM:

> ... but I'm dissatisfied with the second half:
>     We acknowledge that Apache seems like a natural home for Lucy given that
>     it is also the home of Lucene, and speculate that this may have been on
>     the minds of the Lucene PMC when Lucy was green-lighted as a sub-project.
>     More importantly, though, the Lucy development community strongly believes
>     that The Apache Way is right for Lucy. 
> First, this passage only asserts that we believe in The Apache Way rather than
> demonstrating our understanding of it.  We should "show, not tell".  Second,
> we should purge the PMC mind reading.  Who knows what they were thinking! :)
> Third, I don't want to leave in any mention of Lucy belonging at Apache because
> Lucene is there, too.  That's Lucy sponging off the Lucene brand, and it's not
> a benefit to Apache.  We should just leave that unstated and stand on our
> merits.

+1 to all your points. Nuke that second half.

> The Community section does a fine job of identifying our challenges and
> presenting a plan:
>     Lucy currently has a small community, most members of which originated in the
>     KinoSearch community.
>     Lucy's chief challenge is growing its community, which it hopes to achieve
>     through efforts in two areas: reaching a 1.0 release, and actively reaching
>     out to its target audience, users and developers in the dynamic language
>     communities who want a fast, scalable full-text search solution in their
>     native language. 
> Still, I think we deserve a little more credit.  We've taken a lot of flak
> regarding the size of the Lucy community, but you know, if you consider how
> the *KinoSearch* community has operated over the years, we haven't done so
> bad.

+1 for mentioning KS, since *that* is the code that is being donated.

> The one thing I don't think we've done well (and this is my fault) is handle
> releases and backwards compatibility.

I agree with what Nate said on this. The perfect is the enemy of the good.

> Lastly, it would be nice to cover our contingency plan of growing the
> community and coming back with a bigger committer list at some later date.
> However, I think that may arise naturally during the discussion, and it's
> probably too big a topic to squeeze in.

+1 on Nate's comments here.

I'm afk most of the day today (Friday), Marvin. I'm fine with the proposal as it
written at the moment; it looks like you've already addressed most of the points
above in your edits from last night.

cheers on a hard week's work!


Peter Karman  .  .

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