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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Re: [Lucy] Roadmap for first release
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2010 16:55:58 GMT
On Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 08:31:27PM -0700, Mattmann, Chris A (388J) wrote:
> Thanks, Peter for the email. I kind of guessed it was more related to
> KinoSearch. 

Since Lucy is about to assimilate the KinoSearch code base, they are now
effectively the same project.  I was perusing the early days of the
SpamAssassin dev mailing list today to get a feel for how our code import
would go, and I found a thread called "Where to fix the stable branch":
It addressed the problem of making a last bugfix release on GPL'd code in the
2.6 branch, when there was CLA'd code at Apache for 2.7+.  I think the
situation is analogous, and that like SpamAssassin, we will move on and leave
the issue behind with time.

> I think it would be good to keep the discussions focused on Apache over
> here, even though I'm aware of the transition as part of the podling.

I appreciate you're keeping our eyes on the prize.  I agree that completing
the transition as soon as possible is very important.  Frankly, nobody wants
this dualism to end more than I do.  

For me, this is mostly about compromise and community.  Peter is an important
contributor.  Father Chrysostomos is an important contributor.  I want them to
feel that the KinoSearch community appreciated the extensions that they wrote
and supported them.  My preferred mechanism for that would have been to fork
off Lucy1 and provide them with patches for their extensions to work within
that namespace.  But Peter, at least, feels very strongly that we ought to do
a "KinoSearch" release.  I'm -0.1 on the idea, but I don't think the
consequences will be severe, and I want Peter to feel like a stakeholder.

Here's the roadmap as I see things now:

    KinoSearch 0.30_11
        * Misc Bugfixes.
        * Move some classes around.
    KinoSearch 0.31
        * KS 0.30_11 with a version number increment.
    Lucy 0.1 
        * KS 0.31 with a new namespace, new license, and a new home.
    Lucy 0.2
        * Introduce numeric field types.
    Lucy1 1.0
        * Forked from Lucy 0.2.x once things setle down.

The only significant change of plans here is the insertion of KinoSearch 0.31
into the roadmap.  The changes that will go into KS 0.30_11 are the same as
what we would have done anyway, and I believe the discussions about those
belong here, as they will directly impact the API of Lucy 0.1.  For example,
I'm about to propose moving all of our Analyzers out of core, like Lucene has.
I don't think that discussion should take place on the KS list.

I also believe that potential Mentor impatience will help keep us from getting
sidetracked and spending too much time on pre-transition changes.  :)

Marvin Humphrey

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