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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Re: [Lucy] Roadmap for first release
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2010 01:37:01 GMT

I'm willing to go with making a KinoSearch 0.31 release.  It would also be
nice if we could go through the various KSx extensions on CPAN (particularly
yours and Father C's) and update them work with it.

Releasing KS 0.31 would follow through on at least part of the roadmap we'd
laid out for KinoSearch prior to the Lucy assimilation plan's genesis.  People
have known that we were going to update "KinoSearch" and break back compat,
and KinoSearch1 has been made available in order to make the transition more

The only change of plan is that we would expect to declare KinoSearch 0.3x
EOL'd so that it becomes the effective stable branch rather than forking off
KinoSearch3 for that purpose. 

I still have some reservations, though.

> I think a KS release does two things:
> (1) it says to the existing community that they have not spent years waiting in
> vain for a stable, production-ready, blessed release of KS

I guess I've been seeing Lucy as a continuation of KinoSearch now that Lucy's
going to assimilate the KinoSearch code base.  So in my mind, Lucy1 *was* to
be that stable, production-ready, blessed release -- it had taken the place of

Anyway, that was my thinking.  It's moot now.

> You wrote earlier in this thread:
>  It probably makes sense to make one more KinoSearch release
>  addressing some of the issues for the transition.
> I am agreeing with that. I think it should either be KinoSearch3, or KinoSearch
> 0.3, I don't care which. KinoSearch 0.3 seems like it would be less confusing.

Well, what I'd meant by "one more KinoSearch release" was a final dev 
release.  :\ 

> I don't think a stable KS release undermines Lucy's marketing efforts. 

I do think a stable release of KS will compete with Lucy at first -- users
will naturally go with the stable KinoSearch rather than the unstable Lucy.
When somebody asks on PerlMonks "which search library should I use", the
recommendation will be "KinoSearch" over "Lucy" -- at least until we fork a
stable Lucy1 release that improves on KinoSearch.

However, that will only impact the immediate future, I suppose.  In time, the
accumulation of improvements to Lucy will persuade people to come over. 

> We could make a final KS release tomorrow, handshakes and champagne all around,
> and move on.

If it's successful, I'd expect bug reports.  :)  And possibly patches.  We'd
have to figure out how to accept those without causing licensing problems --
probably by shunting them through Lucy's JIRA.

I'd also been planning on shutting down the KinoSearch lists and reworking to point everybody at Lucy.... hmmm... In fact, I think we
should still do just that: shunt all attention and communication to Lucy, by
listing the Lucy website and mailing lists in the KinoSearch documentation
under "SUPPORT".

Marvin Humphrey

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