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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Lucy trademark issues
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2010 04:10:38 GMT

On the incubation checklist, there is the following item:

    Make sure that the requested project name does not already exist and check to be sure that the name is not already trademarked for
    an existing software product.

This directive is out of date, as hasn't offered free searches
in years.  Nevertheless, the rest of the advice applies, and guidance is
offered here:

I think we have an issue that needs to be resolved, and I suspect we will
require the involvement of legal affairs.

I am aware of four software products which use or have used the name "Lucy".

One is the "Lucy DNA sequence quality and vector trimming tool":

A second is "Lucy2", an offshoot of the first project which adds a GUI:

A third is some sort of Everquest extension:

The last is now known as "Zettair".  It is a search engine library, developed
by the Search Engine Group at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.  Prior
to August 2004, it was known as "Lucy".

David Balmain and I were aware of two of these products when we first started
the Lucy subproject in 2006 (the DNA sequencer and Zettair).  However, the
matter was only discussed in private emails back before Lucy was even proposed.
I did not understand the full ramifications of our naming choice with regard to
trademark law and Apache trademark policy, and since Lucy was a from-scratch
project and did not go through incubation, we were not forced to confront the
issue at the time.

I suspect that we will need guidance from legal affairs with regards to Zettair
and possibly the others if we are to continue under the name Lucy.  Mentors,
what do you suggest as a next step?

I have put a temporary hold on the mailing list creation ticket while we
discuss this.

Marvin Humphrey

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