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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject lucy-issues list
Date Sat, 24 Jul 2010 17:16:35 GMT

Lucene sub-projects traditionally have all JIRA notifications sent to the dev
list.  However, not all Apache projects follow this convention -- some have
dedicated "issues" lists.  Although it was not in our proposal, I think Lucy
should consider requesting such a list.

First, JIRA is noisy.  There are too many messages, and though I generally try
to make sure that even the messages where I attach files contain meaningful
comments, most people on other lists (e.g. dev@lucene.a.o) do not, resulting
in voluminous notification-only traffic to the dev list.  Furthermore, lots of
people make trivial edits to their JIRA comments, resulting in heinous
pseuedo-diff messages containing the entire "before" and "after", no matter
how small the change.

Second, meandering conversations in JIRA become commonplace when cc'd to the
dev list.  This is bad because posters are not able to change the subject line,
so the archives become harder to peruse and search.  Important conversations
get buried in giganto JIRA threads -- e.g.
<>, where per-segment search
was hashed out.  Browsing conversations via Apache's enormous JIRA installation
is a pain -- is overloaded and slow, and the JIRA search
interface is not to everyone's liking.  There are numerous mail archiving
services with interfaces to suit a variety of tastes (Markmail, Nabble, etc.)
-- these all function better when fed traditional email list posts than JIRA

My preference is to limit exchanges in JIRA to technical issues of applying
patches.  All consensus building and discussion should take place on the dev
list, as Karl Fogel advocates:

    No Conversations in the Bug Tracker

    In any project that's making active use of its bug tracker, there is
    always a danger of the tracker turning into a discussion forum itself,
    even though the mailing lists would really be better. Usually it starts
    off innocently enough: someone annotates an issue with, say, a proposed
    solution, or a partial patch. Someone else sees this, realizes there are
    problems with the solution, and attaches another annotation pointing out
    the problems. The first person responds, again by appending to the
    issue...and so it goes.

    There isn't one right answer, but there is a general principle: if you're
    just adding data to an issue, then do it in the tracker, but if you're
    starting a conversation, then do it on the mailing list.

To this end, I propose the following:

    * Request a lucy-issues@incubator.a.o list.
    * Change all JIRA notifications to go to the lucy-issues list.
    * Set followups on lucy-issues to go to lucy-dev.

Marvin Humphrey

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