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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Set up for new mailing lists
Date Sat, 24 Jul 2010 16:07:12 GMT

I'm about to make the INFRA request to migrate our mailing lists.  For new
projects, this step is documented at...

Migration is a little different.  Infra will set up the new lists, copy all
subscriber information, and set up forwards for the old lists.  This is how
it is done when e.g. a project graduates from incubation: (Nutch migration to TLP)

I note that it is possible to set up subject prefixes: (Zeta dev prefixing)

Subject prefixes are not a tradition for Lucene sub-projects, but I prefer it,
and since Peter goes so far as to manually insert "[Lucy]" into our subject
headers, I imagine he does too. :)  It is possible to filter based on
recipient, but anyone who has set up such filters is about to have them break
as the mailing list address changes from @lucene.a.o to @infrastructor.a.o --
and during a Lucy migration to TLP, such filtering would break once again.

I propose subject prefixes matching the list names:

    lucy-dev@incubator       [lucy-dev]
    lucy-users@incubator     [lucy-users]
    lucy-commits@incubator   [lucy-commits]
    lucy-private@incubator   [lucy-private]

Additionally, the moderators for the existing Lucy lists are myself and Dave
Balmain (who's inactive).  For the new lists, we should have more than just

    Apache mailing lists require volunteer moderators. New moderators can be
    changed later but at least one volunteer is required before the mailing
    lists can be set up. Moderation is a reasonably easy task though
    moderators may want to set up spam filtering. Having at least three
    moderators is recommended to spread the load. 

Volunteers?  It hasn't been a heavy burden.  

Marvin Humphrey

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