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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Lucy Wiki] Update of "LucyIncubatorProposal" by MarvinHumphrey
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2010 02:20:58 GMT
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The "LucyIncubatorProposal" page has been changed by MarvinHumphrey.
The comment on this change is: Revise Rationale.  Truncate TMI from External Dependencies..


  == Rationale ==
  There is great hunger for a search engine library in the mode of Lucene which is accessible
from various dynamic languages, and for one accessible from pure C.  Individuals naturally
wish to code in their language of choice.  Organizations which do not have significant Java
expertise may not want to support Java strictly for the sake of running a Lucene installation.
 Native applications may be launched much more quickly than JVMs.  Lucy will meet all these
- We acknowledge that Apache seems like a natural home for Lucy given that it is also the
home of Lucene, and speculate that this may have been on the minds of the Lucene PMC when
Lucy was green-lighted as a sub-project.  More importantly, though, the Lucy development community
strongly believes that The Apache Way is right for Lucy.
+ Apache is a natural home for our project given the way it has always operated: user-driven
innovation, security as a requirement, lively and amiable mailing list discussions, strength
through diversity, and so on.  We feel comfortable here, and we believe that we will become
an exemplary Apache project.
  == Initial Goals ==
   * Make a 1.0 stable release as quickly as possible.
@@ -94, +94 @@

  KinoSearch is currently under a GPL/Artistic license.  There are five individuals who have
made multiple significant contributions to the codebase and whose participation is either
essential or would be very helpful: Marvin Humphrey, Peter Karman, Nathan Kurz, Chris Nandor,
and Father Chrysostomos.  All have been contacted and are amenable to re-licensing their work
and contributing it to Apache.  We will contact as many other contributors as possible; if
there are any that we cannot obtain permission from, we will refactor to expunge their work.
  == External Dependencies ==
- The Perl bindings for KinoSearch depend on a few CPAN modules which do not have Apache-compatible
licenses.  It will be possible to address all of these during incubation:
+ The Perl bindings for KinoSearch currently depend on a few CPAN modules which do not have
Apache-compatible licenses.  It will be possible to eliminate all such dependencies if necessary.
-  * JSON::XS can be eliminated by writing our own JSON parser.
-  * Lingua::Stem::Snowball and Lingua::StopWords are both wrappers around Snowball, which
is itself BSD licensed.  We can eliminate them by writing our own wrappers and bundling the
Snowball files.
-  * The build currently requires Parse::RecDescent.  However, the compilation stage which
requires Parse::RecDescent can be moved up into release preparation, so it can be eliminated
as an end-user dependency.
- The build also requires modules which are now bundled with core Perl as of 5.10.0 (Module::Build,
ExtUtils::CBuilder), but were not with Perl 5.8.x.  Guidance is sought as to whether they
are acceptable.
  == Required Resources ==
  === Mailing lists ===

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