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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Lucy Wiki] Update of "LucyIncubatorProposal" by MarvinHumphrey
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2010 02:40:43 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "LucyIncubatorProposal" page has been changed by MarvinHumphrey.


  Marvin Humphrey has a great job at Eventful working primarily on this project and supporting
applications that use it.  Nevertheless, he is extremely dedicated to Lucy and is determined
to see it through to the point where it becomes self-sustaining, regardless of work circumstances.
  === Relationships with Other Apache Products ===
+ Lucy's relationship with Lucene of cordial "coopetition" has produced benefits for Lucene
users in terms of indexing speed, near-real-time search support, and more.  We expect the
projects to continue diverging and converging over time as innovations migrate back and forth,
with happy results for all involved.
- When Lucy was conceived, we envisioned that our eventual sub-communities (Perl, Ruby, etc)
would approach using and extending the library in distinct ways, and that we would be able
to harness the creative tension between the different cultures to drive innovation.  Lucy
and Lucene have that kind of a relationship today, and multiple significant novelties have
either cross-pollinated or arisen while discussing competing approaches.  (e.g. object conservation
during indexing, per-segment search.)
- Still, Lucy is a loose port and its core differs in fundamental ways from that of Lucene.
 The biggest difference is that for Lucy, "the OS is our JVM":  Lucene Searcher objects build
up optimized data structures at search-time in process RAM, while Lucy writes its data structures
to disk at index-time and reads them via memory-mapped IO at search-time.  This affords Lucy
several advantages, such as fast process launch, low process RAM requirements, and OO design
flexibility because Lucy's "cheap Searcher" objects are lightweight, thin wrappers around
the system IO cache.
  === An Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand ===
  Our desire to maintain Lucy's affiliation with Apache has much less to do with the brand
and much more to do with our conviction that developing the project The Apache Way under Apache
institutions is in Lucy's best interests.  However, we have to acknowledge that during its
time as a Lucene subproject, Lucy has not always fulfilled certain key requirements for an
Apache project.  In particular, it has failed to "release early, release often", and it has
made only limited progress in expanding its community.

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