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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Lucy Wiki] Update of "LucyIncubatorProposal" by MarvinHumphrey
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2010 05:20:13 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "LucyIncubatorProposal" page has been changed by MarvinHumphrey.
The comment on this change is: Update Documentation, Initial Source, and IP Submission Plan.


  Proposal is intended to address those deficiencies.
  == Documentation ==
- References to further reading material. Examples (Heraldry): [1] Information on Yadis can
be found at: [2] Information on OpenID can be
found at: The mailing list for both OpenID
and Yadis is located at: ...
+  * Subversion repository: []
+  * Perl API documentation: []
+  * Discussion list: []
  == Initial Source ==
+ The initial source will be a snapshot from the KinoSearch subversion repository.
- Describes the origin of the proposed code base. If the initial code arrives from more than
one source, this is the right place to outline the different histories.
- If there is no initial source, note that here. Example (Heraldry): OpenID has been in development
since the summer of 2005. It currently has an active community (over 15 million enabled accounts)
and libraries in a variety of languages. Additionally it is supported by and
is continuing to gain traction in the Open Source Community. Yadis has been in development
since late 2005 and the specification has not changed since early 2006. Like OpenID, it has
libraries in various languages and there is a large overlap between the two communities. The
specification is...
  == Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan ==
- Complex proposals (typically involving multiple code bases) may find it useful to draw up
an initial plan for the submission of the code here. Demonstrate that the proposal is practical.
Example (Heraldry): * The OpenID specification and content on from Brad Fitzpatrick
of Six Apart, Ltd. and David Recordon of VeriSign, Inc. * The domains and
from Brad Fitzpatrick of Six Apart, Ltd. and Johannes Ernst of NetMesh, Inc. * OpenID libraries
in Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP, and C# from JanRain, Inc. ... * Yadis conformance test suite from
NetMesh and VeriSign, Inc. We will also be soliciting contributions of further plugins and
patches to various pieces of Open Source software.
+ KinoSearch is currently under a GPL/Artistic license.  There are five individuals who have
made multiple significant contributions to the code base and whose participation is either
essential or would be very, very helpful: the three committers on this proposal, Chris Nandor,
and Father Chrysostomos.  All have been contacted and are amenable to re-licensing their work
and contributing it to Apache.  We will contact as many other contributors as possible; if
there are any that we cannot obtain permission from, we will refactor to expunge their work.
  == External Dependencies ==
  The Perl bindings for KinoSearch depend on a few CPAN modules which do not have Apache-compatible
licenses.  It will be possible to address all of these during incubation:

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