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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Lucy Wiki] Update of "LucyIncubatorProposal" by MarvinHumphrey
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2010 16:46:13 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "LucyIncubatorProposal" page has been changed by MarvinHumphrey.
The comment on this change is: Flesh out "Alignment".  Some material under "Relationships"
is now duplicated and must be reworked..


  It is useful to provide a brief introduction to the developers on the initial committers
list. This is best done here (and not in that section). This section may be used to discuss
the diversity of the core development team. Example (ServiceMix) The core developers are a
diverse group of developers many of which are already very experienced open source developers.
There is at least one Apache Member together with a number of other existing Apache Committers
along with folks from various companies. Example (WADI) WADI was
founded by Jules Gosnell in 2004, it now has a strong base of developers from Geronimo, Castor,
OpenEJB, Mojo, Jetty, ActiveCluster, ActiveMQ, and ServiceMix.
  === Alignment ===
- Describe why Apache is a good match for the proposal. An opportunity to highlight links
with Apache projects and development philosophy. Example (Beehive): The initial code base
is targeted to run within Tomcat, but the goal is to allow the framework to run on any compliant
Servlet or J2EE container. The Web services component, based on JSR-181, will leverage Axis.
The NetUI component builds on top of Struts. The underlying Controls component framework uses
Velocity. There are other projects that we will need to work with, such as the Portals and
Maven projects.
+ One Apache value which is particularly cherished by the Lucy community is code base transparency.
 We have developed institutions which enable us to measure and maximize usability (see []),
and we feel strongly that the bindings for Lucy must present APIs and documentation which
are idiomatic to the host language culture so that end users can consume our work as easily
as possible.
+ The controlled competition of meritocratic community development is also very important
to us.  There has been substantial cross-pollination of ideas between the Lucene and Lucy
communities, yielding considerable benefits for both projects.  The Lucy developers envision
that our host-language sub-communities will approach using and extending the library in distinct
ways; we hope to harness the creative tension between them to drive innovation, building productive
relationships akin to the one that Lucene and Lucy have today.
+ A third priority of ours is to be bound by existing Apache institutions, for the protection
of all our stakeholders.
  == Known Risks ==
  An exercise in self-knowledge. Risks don't mean that a project is unacceptable. If they
are recognized and noted then they can be addressed during incubation.

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