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From "David Balmain" <>
Subject Re: Charmonizer
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2006 04:29:49 GMT
On 7/5/06, Marvin Humphrey <> wrote:
> Greets,
> I've finished a provisional implementation of the project I
> originally proposed as "Configurator".  Turns out the name
> "Configurator", which I suspected would be relatively rare -- it is a
> bastardization after all -- is just ridiculously common.  So, new
> name: Charmonizer.  (Which I pronounce charm-uh-nizer, rather than
> see-harmonizer.)  8 Google hits to 13,700,000, and more descriptive
> of what it does anyway.
> The implementation uses a domain-specific language, as per Dave's
> suggestion.  The syntax is quite crude, so that a heavy-duty
> recursive descent parser won't be needed.  For the language
> description, see the README file, near the bottom of the patch.
> Comments?  Commit it then refine, or hold off?

I like it. This is exactly what I had in mind. Go ahead and commit it.

> I've haven't prepared any unit tests, since I wanted to get this out
> of the lab, but we'll definitely need a battery for each interpreter
> implementation.

I agree. I'll try and write a ruby interpreter asap.

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