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From Shad Storhaug <>
Subject RE: test-framework base classes in 4.8
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2017 17:50:04 GMT

I noticed that this was a public module in Lucene during the release, but the quality of the
port isn't very high for this component and it was pretty clear that releasing it wasn't part
of the original plan, so we decided not to.

Even if Lucene.Net.TestFramework were made into a NuGet package, it depends on NUnit 3.5,
which means it is useless for anyone not using NUnit 3.5+ as their testing framework. There
was an attempt to migrate all of the tests to xUnit, but that turned out to be too difficult
because of differences in multi-threading and the attempt was abandoned.

If someone were willing to put in the time to:

1. Do a line-by-line sweep of the code (comparing against Java), and clean up the implementation
(working out why bits of it weren't ported and whether they are needed, etc.)
2. Refactor the naming conventions to be .NET-like (renaming member variables to be camel-case,
methods to be pascal case, etc.)
3. Work out how to decouple the test framework from NUnit and make adapter packages for other
popular testing frameworks

we could then release it, but this is not something that we are currently working at or planning
to do.

Do note that method names were often intentionally made camel case to make porting from Java
simpler (i.e assertEquals() rather than AssertEquals()). If we do release this, we should
probably at have wrapper extension methods in a library that we don't release to allow methods
to be specified this way so we can continue keeping the test code more Java-like in Lucene.Net,
but make .NET-like method names for the package that we release.

Shad Storhaug (NightOwl888)

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From: Rauch, Matthias [] 
Sent: Monday, August 14, 2017 10:10 PM
Subject: test-framework base classes in 4.8


I want to derive from BaseTokenStreamTestCase (
to test my custom TokenFilter implementation, but I can't find any of the test-framework base
classes in the NuGet packages listed in the blog post announcing the public beta release of
Lucene.NET 4.8 (

Aren't the publicly available yet? 
Are there any plans to include them in the final release?


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