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From Shad Storhaug <>
Subject RE: Lucene.NET 4.8 is now in Beta - and we need your help!
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2016 01:46:43 GMT

Thanks for all of your hard work on this (not just to you, but to all whom are involved).

After this announcement, I began work on porting BoboBrowse.NET 4.0.2 (the latest official
release) faceted search engine to see if it will work with Lucene.Net 4.8.0. bobo-browse 4.0.2
was based on Lucene 4.3.0, so I am hopeful it will work with 4.8.0.

Anyway, long story short I have discovered a bug that existed in Lucene.NET 3.0.3 has not
been squashed. The test setup for most of the BoboBrowse.NET unit tests depends on a TokenStream
derived class, and when building an index with this class it is failing.

I have created a branch here to outline the problem and create a working sample of the bug:

If I try to run it with the original lines (130-133), I get an exception.

System.ArgumentException : AddAttribute() only accepts an interface that extends IAttribute,
but Lucene.Net.Analysis.Tokenattributes.PayloadAttribute does not fulfil this contract.
Result StackTrace:	
at Lucene.Net.Util.AttributeSource.AddAttribute[T]()
at BoboBrowse.Net.BoboTestCase.MetaSizeTokenStream..ctor(Term term, Int32 size) in f:\Projects\BoboBrowse.Net\src\BoboBrowse.Net\BoboBrowse.Tests\BoboTestCase.cs:line
at BoboBrowse.Net.BoboTestCase.BuildMetaSizePayloadField(Term term, Int32 size) in f:\Projects\BoboBrowse.Net\src\BoboBrowse.Net\BoboBrowse.Tests\BoboTestCase.cs:line
at BoboBrowse.Net.BoboTestCase.BuildData() in f:\Projects\BoboBrowse.Net\src\BoboBrowse.Net\BoboBrowse.Tests\BoboTestCase.cs:line
at BoboBrowse.Net.BoboTestCase.CreateIndex() in f:\Projects\BoboBrowse.Net\src\BoboBrowse.Net\BoboBrowse.Tests\BoboTestCase.cs:line
at BoboBrowse.Net.BoboTestCase.Init() in f:\Projects\BoboBrowse.Net\src\BoboBrowse.Net\BoboBrowse.Tests\BoboTestCase.cs:line

I checked the source and the PayloadAttribute definitely implements IAttribute, so apparently
the code that checks for the interface is broken.

This was also broken in Lucene.Net 3.0.3 in a similar way. However, I was able to work around
the problem by calling AddAttributeImpl instead of AddAttribute<T> (lines 137-142).
So far this also seems to be working in Lucene.Net 4.8.0.

Anyway, I would appreciate if someone can take a look at this.

In addition, I sure hope you don't plan on releasing without the QueryParser and StandardAnalyzer
classes!! These are referenced from BoboBrowse, and for now I have built stubs to make the
project compile.

Also, if anyone is interested in an alternative faceted search implementation than the built-in
one, I could use assistance:

1. Getting unit tests to pass
2. Making the API consistent with the Lucene.Net API (properties vs methods)
3. Cleaning up the Close vs Dispose issues, also which should be similar to Lucene.Net
4. Reporting bugs once it is stable enough to identify them

Now accepting pull requests on the 4.0.2 branch.
Do note that the ReadMe has not yet been updated to reflect the new version.


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From: [] On Behalf Of Itamar
Sent: Thursday, July 7, 2016 11:08 PM
Subject: Lucene.NET 4.8 is now in Beta - and we need your help!

Hi folks,

I just posted this -
- with the latest details and instructions on the upcoming Lucene.NET release.

We would love to see more involvement from anyone interested in the project.



Itamar Syn-Hershko | @synhershko <> Freelance Developer
& Consultant Lucene.NET committer and PMC member
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