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From "Allan, Brad (Bracknell)" <>
Subject RE: Need Help on BlockJoinQuery
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2014 08:58:36 GMT
Indexes do not need to map to your relational structures. If this is a common search, create
an index that maps to the need.

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From: Ajay Kumar []
Sent: 29 January 2014 08:44
Subject: Need Help on BlockJoinQuery


I am using Lucene.Net in my project and i feel very happy for it's speed.
But i am looking for a way to search relational content that is, for example if i want to
search on a student and school tables( i have converted this tables into csv file so here
i created indexes on these csv
files.) if i search for a student ajay i want to display the name and school name. To achieve
this i have written a join query in sql and the result set i converted into flat file this
will look like

student ID,Name, Grade, SchoolName

1,Ajay, A, St.Annes

2,Alex,A, St.Annes

3,Kishore, B, St.Annes

here the school name is repeating in my real project this field is very huge i can not do
this. so i amlooking for a relational search in Lucene. I find the following article which
discuss the same issue and as a solution Lucene provided BlockJoinQuery in Lucene's 3.4.0
release but i there is no such version in, the latest version of is

Please Let me know how i can overcome this issue thanks in advance



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