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From Paul Irwin <>
Subject RE: Assistance in calling lucene search from SQL Server 2008
Date Tue, 12 Nov 2013 13:36:32 GMT
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I agree with Anders. Triggers should be as lightweight as possible if
you are going to use them at all. Performing an HTTP or remoting
request is the opposite of minimal.

Can you do it from outside SQL, or at the very least from a stored
proc? See here for discussion:

Paul Irwin

Sent from my Windows Phone, so please forgive my brevity! From: Anders
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Subject: Re: Assistance in calling lucene search from SQL Server 2008

This is not a Lucene.Net issue.
You could make a Web API project and call via SQLCLR WebRequest (

The architecture you describe is not what I would recommend. If you
requirements are fixed, I would rather create a service endpoint that first
called the SQL Server and then Lucene. It is a much cleaner solution.

Anders Lybecker

On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 3:44 AM, Jackson <> wrote=

> Dear Developers,
> We are new to using The solution developed required specific
> searching of names from 1000=E2=80=99s of names, which is happening well =
using your
> developed
> Lucene 3.0.3 search engine library. We had tested calling the lucene
> search from a aspx page and were very excited with the speed it was getti=
> the result.
> Our requirement is to call the lucene 3.0.3 search from a database trigge=
> and we are unable to find a solution. If there is a help / link, that cou=
> be provided
> to know how it could be called from the Sql server 2008 database trigger,
> we would highly appreciate your support.
> Best Regards,
> Jackson Vadakkan
> SMART Infotech
> Post Box 28046, Abu Dhabi,
> United Arab Emirates.
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