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From Brian Sayatovic <>
Subject RE: Implementing IDisposable / finalizer pattern to avoid index lock issues
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2012 18:41:56 GMT
The two problems I'm aware of (and, sorry, my memory is now foggy) are...

1. the "using" statement doesn't call your IDisposable's Dispose() method if an exception
is thrown inside the using's block (hence why I use try/finally).

2. The IDisposable's method will be called by the finalizer if it hasn't been disposed, but
not all finalizers are guaranteed to run when a VM is shutting down.  That may not be a problem
in this case (is it?), but in general, it's a hazard.


Brian Sayatovic
Senior Software Architect

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From: Nicholas Paldino [.NET/C# MVP] []

Would you clarify the statement "My understanding is IDisposable is wrought with trouble?"

Perhaps the implementations are, or the usages are (the client doesn't call Dispose, but that
same case exists with the current Close method).

I ask because I've seen a number of discussions (on this list and off) around IDisposable
that make unqualified statements like that which don't really point out any problems with
IDisposable (or other .NET-specific features).

- Nick

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