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From "Kohlhepp, Justin W (Heritage Holdings (HHI))" <>
Subject RE: Implementing IDisposable / finalizer pattern to avoid index lock issues
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2012 17:48:00 GMT
Hmm...well my implementation is too layered to allow for a try/catch to
correctly ensure that IndexWriter.Close is called, so I'm pretty much
forced to use IDisposable / finalizer.  I'm just surprised that
IndexWriter itself doesn't do this work.  Generally the expectation is
that if a managed class manages an unmanaged resource such as a file on
disk, that it cleans up after itself in a finalizer.

Thanks for the response.  It sounds like I'm not missing anything and
this is just the way things are.

~ Justin

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From: Brian Sayatovic [] 
Sent: Friday, June 01, 2012 1:44 PM
Subject: RE: Implementing IDisposable / finalizer pattern to avoid index
lock issues

I use a try/finally myself, with some extension methods to wrap it.  My
understanding is that IDisposable is wrought with trouble.  My Lucene
access is wrapped in an agent class, and my syntax ends up looking like
DoWithAgent(agent => agent.UpdateIndex(foo));

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From: Kohlhepp, Justin W (Heritage Holdings (HHI))

I was surprised to notice that IndexWriter does not implement
IDisposable.  It seems that the user is responsible for guaranteeing
that IndexWriter.Close is called and that IndexWriter itself does not do
this in a Dispose or destructor method.  Do I have this understanding
correct?  I wrote a wrapper around Lucene.NET for my application and was
forced to implement IDisposable / finalizer in order for index to unlock
correctly.  Is this the expected pattern?
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