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From Chris Eldredge <>
Subject NumericField elision on reindex
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2012 02:58:22 GMT
I learned the hard way that if you add a document
with a NumericField, retrieve that document, and add
it again, the copied document will end up eliding the
NumericField into a regular Field, resulting in a
non-prefix-coded value being indexed.

If you then attempt to sort on the field, you'll get
FormatException because some fields are prefix-coded
and others are human readable strings.

The solution is to replace all fields on the document
even if they have not changed.

My question is: is this by design or is it a design flaw?

I haven't seen this issue documented on NumericField.cs or
anywhere else.

It may not be feasible, or it may be bad for performance,
but it seems like it would be more intuitive if retrieved
documents retained some metadata about fields 
that have been encoded using NumericField.

An NUnit test case that demonstrates the problem is
available here:



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