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From Itamar Syn-Hershko <>
Subject Re: [Lucene.Net] Announcing Lucene.Net.Contrib
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2011 21:47:30 GMT
Makes sense. Well, I suggest you guys will look into that. I will sign 
the agreement soon and will let you know what code is not mine and not 
covered by my agreement (but perhaps already by another one).


On 16/06/2011 23:17, Troy Howard wrote:

> Well, having all the code as ASL helps a lot, but the difference here is
> about ownership of the code. Anything that goes into the ASF repo must be
> owned by the ASF. Using the ASL doesn't state ownership by the ASF, merely
> terms of use.
> In order for individual contributions to be owned by the ASF the author must
> legally donate the code. That's the purpose of the CLA/SGA. Each individual
> (or corporation) who owns code which is submitted, must also execute a
> CLA/SGA. This could be a problem in terms of external libraries written (and
> owned) by someone other than ASF or yourself.
> Anyhow, this is my understanding of it.
> Thanks,
> Troy
> On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 12:59 PM, Itamar Syn-Hershko<>wrote:
>> Troy, no problem.
>> The repo may contain code from others, which I took from other projects or
>> merged from forks. I'm no lawyer but just to make sure this will still work
>> for you if all code is ASL?
>> Itamar.
>> On 16/06/2011 22:51, Troy Howard wrote:
>>   Itamar,
>>> This sounds like a great idea. I agree with DIGY that the best way to work
>>> is for contributors to prepare patches and attach them to JIRA tickets. We
>>> can then review and commit those patches in our normal way. That said, I
>>> think your idea of maintaining a separate repo is still a good idea.
>>> You're
>>> right that it's easier to work with and will attract more attention on
>>> GitHub. The main thing we care about is facilitating work getting done on
>>> the library, so we want to make that as easy as possible.
>>> For us to accept your work into the Lucene.Net repo, we would need you to
>>> either submit a one-time CLA (Contributor License Agreement), which will
>>> cover any contributions you wish to provide on this project or others, or
>>> a
>>> SGA (Software Grant Agreement) for just this Contrib project.
>>> After we have a CLA/SGA in place, then we could easily pull from your
>>> GitHub
>>> repo, and apply patches to Contrib/Core on whatever schedule we are making
>>> releases. You can work at your pace, and we can work at ours. Everyone
>>> wins!
>>> For CLA/SGA details see:
>>> In a nutshell, though, the easiest way to accomplish this is to pick one
>>> of
>>> those agreements, print it off, fill in the blanks and sign, scan back in,
>>> then email to and .
>>> After that has been taken care of, just let us know when a particular
>>> feature's changeset is ready, and we can pull it down, make a patch, and
>>> go
>>> through our normal process.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Troy
>>> On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 9:48 AM, Itamar Syn-Hershko<**
>>>> wrote:
>>>   I think this is the best way to get exposure and be able to evolve, and I
>>>> feel much more comfortable with git than SVN and the JIRA bureaucracy.
>>>> As I said in my previous e-mail you're more than welcome to grab my repo
>>>> into the main contrib project. At the moment everything is ASL, and the
>>>> intention is to keep it that way (at least, only permissive licenses; the
>>>> hyphenation library I'll bring in is MIT).
>>>> Itamar.
>>>> On 16/06/2011 19:16, Prescott Nasser wrote:
>>>>   Digy has been extremely quick to update the 2
>>>>> 9.4g branch with additions posted to jira as well as bug fixes.
>>>>> The main branch is slower to move at the moment because we are letting
>>>>> it
>>>>> bake before we release it as a binary.
>>>>> I would urge you to keep you contributions here by creating a jira issue
>>>>> and attaching your patch. If you're really going to be doing a lot
>>>>> consider
>>>>> trying to join us as a committer
>>>>> At the end of the day while I think it would be great that we are all
>>>>> one place, I welcome your enthusiasm for the project.
>>>>> If you decide to stay at git are you keeping extensions under the asf
>>>>> license? And could we include them in our contrib from time to time?
>>>>> -Prescott
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>>>>> -----Original Message-----
>>>>> From: Itamar Syn-Hershko
>>>>> Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2011 8:01 AM
>>>>> To: lucene-net-user@lucene.apache.****org<lucene-net-user@lucene.**
>>>>> Subject: Re: [Lucene.Net] Announcing Lucene.Net.Contrib
>>>>>   To cite my blog post:
>>>>>> "This is not trying to compete with Lucene.Net's contrib section,
it is
>>>>>> just intended in being much more flexible, fast growing community
>>>>>> extensions, most probably will be small in size."
>>>>>> The .NET community is not around Apache as much as the Java community
>>>>>> is. It is much easier to get to it via github and nuget, and it is
>>>>>> impossible to do that in slow release cycles. Also, git is so much
>>>>>> easier for projects of this sort, where community contributions is
>>>>>> center of things (unlike Lucene.Net, in which the product is). Forks
>>>>>> and
>>>>>> branches in SVN are a real pain...
>>>>>> My goal is to publish extensions I find useful and hopefully to get
>>>>>> incorporate others' too. If for example I find a bug in
>>>>>> FastVectorHighlighter and can't wait on a Lucene.Net release, I'd
>>>>>> it from the original Contrib and fix it on my branch. I don't think
>>>>>> changes justify that, hence my latest patch was submitted to JIRA.
>>>>>> I'm not trying to split resources, on the contrary. As far as I'm
>>>>>> concerned, you can incorporate my repo in contribs before every
>>>>>> release.
>>>>>> Itamar.
>>>>>> On 16/06/2011 17:47, digy digy wrote:
>>>>>>   In fact, there is a repo in contrib for this purpose. "core". (I
>>>>>> a
>>>>>>> better name is needed)
>>>>>>> branches/Lucene.Net_2_9_4g/****src/contrib<https://svn.**
>>>>>>> Lucene.Net_2_9_4g/src/contrib<>
>>>>>>> IMO, all community contributions should be at one place (Apache)
>>>>>>> avoid
>>>>>>> confusions,  since there are already a lot of Lucene.Net related
>>>>>>> codes/repositories around(  ActiveLuceneNet, LuceneWrap, LinqToLucene,
>>>>>>> Azure
>>>>>>> Library for Lucene.Net, HebMorph :) etc. ). For ex., looking
at your
>>>>>>> "Announcing: Lucene.Net.Contrib" page, I see that you are not
aware of
>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>> "simplistic implementations" of faceted search in contrib.
>>>>>>> DIGY
>>>>>>> On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 4:38 PM, Itamar Syn-Hershko<
>>>>>>> *>wrote:
>>>>>>>   Hi all,
>>>>>>>> I created a new github repository where I'm dumping all extensions
>>>>>>>> write
>>>>>>>> or port from Java myself. The intention is having a community
>>>>>>>> repository for all things Lucene.Net. I threw some stuff
in already,
>>>>>>>> and
>>>>>>>> will have some more soon. More details here:
>>>>>>>> **contrib/<**2011/06/announcing-lucene-net-**contrib/>
>>>>>>>> <http://www.code972.**com/blog/2011/06/announcing-**
>>>>>>>> lucene-net-contrib/<>
>>>>>>>> Code is at****Lucene.Net.Contrib<**Lucene.Net.Contrib>
>>>>>>>> <https://****Net.Contrib<>
>>>>>>>> Itamar.

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