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From Ron Grabowski <>
Subject Re: Excessive IOExceptions in IndexSearcher/QueryParser/FastCharStream?
Date Fri, 30 Oct 2009 22:51:34 GMT
I'm using

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From: Ron Grabowski <>
Sent: Fri, October 30, 2009 6:44:34 PM
Subject: Excessive IOExceptions in IndexSearcher/QueryParser/FastCharStream?

I was profiling my search code and saw an awful lot of Exceptions being throw for simple usages
of QueryParser:

For example this code produces 2 IOExceptions in FastCharStream (line 25):

QueryParser parser = new QueryParser("name", new StandardAnalyzer());

Is that normal? In my screenshot there's close to 100 Exceptions within 15 seconds of running
some threaded searches.  Would the FastCharStream be faster if it didn't throw so many Exceptions?
I tried hacking CanRead() into CharStream but didn't get very far.

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