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From "Nic Wise" <>
Subject RE: Website and keeping data fresh
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2008 11:07:01 GMT
If it's any help, we (when I was at Quest) were removing items and
adding them on an ongoing basis. We had indexes with 25+million items,
around 15GB+ from memory. We'd add around 100K items a day, and some
items were added more than once (which means remove then add). We had
very good performance once we changed the MaxDocuments (to 100K, was
2.4billion / maxint) and the MergeFactor - merging really large blocks
(I don't know the official term - segments?) made performance lousy, but
you don't NEED to keep them all in one file.

Does that make sense?

How much stuff are you putting into the book index? 500meg sounds about
right, but an hour sounds a little high?

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From: Gautam Lad [] 
Sent: 12 February 2008 04:21
Subject: RE: Website and keeping data fresh

Very good to know.  

Since not a lot of documents update during the course of the day and
we already re-build the index at night, I doubt it would hurt
performance as
you say :)


Gautam Lad

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From: Kurt Mackey [] 
Sent: February 11, 2008 10:10 PM
Subject: RE: Website and keeping data fresh

Nope.  For that few writes, I can't see how you'd ever need to optimize
during the day.  You might run a few tests to find out how many writes
search performance to degrade, but I suspect it's a lot. :)

Optimizing is slow because it essentially writes all the index contents
to a
new index file.


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From: Gautam Lad []
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2008 8:40 PM
Subject: Website and keeping data fresh

Hey all,

I recently moved our company's external website to use dotLucene, and so
it's been great and is working flawlessly.

I have several indices that I use to manage our website.  Since our
is in the Book industry I have several indices that are used for various
parts of the page.

Eg. Our main catalog is searchable and so we have a "Book" index that
can be
searched by Title, Description, Author, etc.

We also have an Author table that can be searched by First name, Last
bio, etc.

Finally we have a BookAuthor relationship table that is used when a Book
searched, the BookAuthor is searched to find out if the Book's authors
other books.

The indices are as:

Book (primary key: ISBN) - 160,000+ documents

Author (primary key: AuthorID) - 60, 000+ documents

BookAuthor (contains LinkID), 100, 000+ documents

So far things are working great.  The book index is about 500MB and is
not a
big overhead on our system.

Now here's where the problem lies.

To keep things fresh on the site, we have a nightly job that rebuilds
index and then copies the data over to the production index folder (it
about an hour to rebuild entire site and a min or two to copy things

However, there will be times when the information will need to be
almost live during the normal day-to-day hours.

Say for example a book's description has changed.  What I do is I delete
document and then re-add it.

Unfortunately deleting and re-adding it to the index takes a few minutes
this is causing issues with information not being available when someone
tries to look on the site.

Here's the log from our background service that rebuild documents:

20080211 16:59:32 [Engine] [book] Deleting isbn(1554700310).  Status: 1

20080211 16:59:32 [Engine] [book] [00:00:00:000] Getting table count

20080211 16:59:34 [Engine] [book] [00:00:02:156] Rows loaded 1

20080211 16:59:34 [Engine] [book] [00:00:02:156] Getting table schema

20080211 16:59:34 [Engine] [book] [00:00:02:218] Getting data reader

20080211 16:59:36 [Engine] [book] [16:59:36:000] Index dump started

20080211 16:59:36 [Engine] [book] [00:00:00:078] Total indexed: 1

20080211 16:59:36 [Engine] [book] [00:00:00:078] Optimizing index

20080211 17:02:23 [Engine] [book] [00:02:46:917] Index finished

You can see from the moment it deleted the ISBN from the "book" index to
when it finally added it back, it took only 4 seconds.  But when the
call to
Writer.Optimize() is called it takes almost 2-1/2 minutes to optimize

Is optimizing the index even necessary at this point?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Gautam Lad 
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