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From "Murad James" <>
Subject RE: Can I have an IndexWriter and an IndexReader open on the same index at the same time?
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2006 23:29:49 GMT
Thanks; I am doing it with a timestamp column to track the updates. I have an existing method
in the data layer called GetUpdates(lastUpdated) where lastUpdated is the Sql timestamp of
the last update. It gets all the records updated after lastUpdated and returns an SqlDataReader.
I am going to write the timestamp as an entry into the index so I can get it back each time
I go to check for updates.

Thanks for the sample - it's similar to the sample code in the IntranetIndexer so I am clear
on doing a delete. What I am not clear on is if I can delete then add again without opening
and closing an IndexReader then opening and closing an IndexWriter for each update - I assume
this is really inefficient although I am not sure.

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From: René de Vries [] 
Sent: 19 October 2006 22:57
Subject: RE: Can I have an IndexWriter and an IndexReader open on the same index at the same

The approach we take to keep thing in sync, is that we have a trigger on the table that we're
indexing. ON INSERT, we write an 'I' and a news_id pointing to the record to be updated in
the syntable, so the Lucene Indexing process knows this records needs to be inserted. Same
for Delete and Update. Update is implemented as Delete and Insert. 

Here's a piece of example code for the Delete:

    Private Sub deleteDocument(ByVal intNews_Id As Integer, ByVal strIndexOutputDirectory
As String)
        ' Search against indexed data
        Dim objIndexSearcher As IndexSearcher = New IndexSearcher(strIndexOutputDirectory)
        Dim objQuery As Query = QueryParser.Parse(intNews_Id, "news_id", New StandardAnalyzer)
        Dim objHits As Hits = objIndexSearcher.Search(objQuery)

        ' Loop thru each retrieved search result to collect
        Dim i0 As Integer = 0
        Dim objDocument As Document = Nothing
        ' First check if the document actually exisits
        If objHits.Length > 0 Then
            objIndexSearcher.reader.Delete(New Term("news_id", intNews_Id))
        End If

        ' Clean up objects
        objIndexSearcher = Nothing
        objQuery = Nothing
        objHits = Nothing
        objDocument = Nothing

    End Sub

Hope it helps,


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From: Murad James [] 
Sent: donderdag 19 oktober 2006 23:06
Subject: Can I have an IndexWriter and an IndexReader open on the same index at the same time?

Hi - I have a query and I wonder if anyone can give me some pointers:

I am creating an index. I am adding information from rows in a database
to create a full text search. 

The database will be updated every day, so I want to remove the document
relating to a specific existing row from the database and add a new
document containing the updated row - I believe that this is the way it
needs to be done.

What is the best pattern for this?

For example, can I loop through the reader doing an
IndexReader.Delete(Term) and then an IndexWriter.Add(Document) without
closing the reader and writer each time - i.e. can they both be open at
once? This would just allow me to open everything in the constructor and
close it at the end.

Or, do I need to open / close / open / close each time?

Is my approach correct in the first place?

Any assistance gratefully received!


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