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From "Lewin Joy (TMNA)" <>
Subject Solr Case Insensitive Search while preserving cases in Index and allowing Boolean AND/OR searches
Date Mon, 25 Nov 2019 22:00:54 GMT

I am exploring possibility to do case insensitive filter/facet queries in solr.
I would also need to preserve the cases in the index.
This means that the normal LowerCaseFilterFactory approach would not work as facet values
will not preserve cases and will show in all lowercase.

One method was to use facet.contains along with f.fieldname.facet.ignoreCase=true.
But, I need an option to do more with the search keyword. 
Example if possible,  would be something like  --> facet.contains=Apple OR Dell OR HP

Another approach is to do a filter query with general expressions, which gets costly.
Or copy field with edge Ngram and LowerCaseFilter factory which is again costly.

Does anyone have any suggestions? It would be good if we have an option with the facet.contains

Just need a Boolean capability in there.

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