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From harjagsbby <>
Subject Solr behaves wonky when zookeeper quorom is messed up.
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2019 15:22:36 GMT
In our PROD SOLR cluster(7.6 and ZK:3.4.9) when Zookeeper leader fails
Zookeeper enter an infinite leader election loop which makes SOLR instable.
Solr Fails to index(as Expected with error "Remote error message: Cannot
talk to ZooKeeper - Updates are disabled") and CPU spikes up. 

This is a know ZK bug
below are my question:

1. Solr behaving Wonky when ZK quorom is affected is expected but is there a
work around?
2. The ZK bug is fixed in 3.5.6  is solr7.6 compatible with ZK 3.5.6?
3. Anyone have an opinion around "fast leader election" vs "original
UDP-based" of ZK. Will cahnge election algorithm version from 3->0 solve the

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