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From mganeshs <>
Subject Solr query with best match returning high score
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2019 16:25:34 GMT
Hello Experts,

I have a following query

product:TV or os:Android or size:(55 60 65) or brand:samsung or issmart:yes
or ram:[4 TO *] or rate:[100000 TO *] or bezel : no or sound:dolby

In Total there are 9 conditions. 

Now I need the document with best match should return top. Best match I mean
which satisfies all the 9 conditions ( like using AND instead of or ).
document where product is tv and os is android and size is 55 and brand is
samsung and issmart is yes and rame is 4 and rate is 115000 and bezel is no
and sound is dolby. 

Next could be documents which matches any of 8 conditions. I also have
scenerio with boosting certain fields ( brand:samsung) should have some
priority, so i can give boost for this.

Let me know how this could be achieved. Normal scoring is working bit
differently. Term which is rare among all the documents is having high
scoring. How can we disable that part. 

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