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From Mark Sholund <>
Subject bug in SolrInputDocument.toString()?
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2019 19:22:48 GMT
First time poster here so sorry for any formatting problems.  I am sorry if this has been
asked before but I've tried several version of SolrJ (6.5.1-8.1.1) with the same result.

I am runing the following example code and am seeing odd output.

String id = "foo123";
int popularity=1;
SolrInputDocument inputDocument = new SolrInputDocument();
System.out.println("creating document for " + id);
inputDocument.addField(ID_FIELD, id);
inputDocument.addField(POPULARITY_FIELD, Collections.singletonMap("set", popularity));
// System.out.println("document: " + inputDocument);
System.out.println("json: " + inputDocument.jsonStr());

This produces the output

creating document for foo123
document: {id=id=foo123, popularity_i=popularity_i={set=1}}
json: {"id":"id=foo123","popularity_i":"popularity_i={set=1}"}

I cannot see anything that I am doing wrong and the update succeeds.  Is this just a bug
in the toString() and jsonStr() methods?
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