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From Toke Eskildsen <>
Subject Re: Graph query extremely slow
Date Wed, 22 May 2019 11:39:54 GMT
On Wed, 2019-05-15 at 21:37 -0400, Rahul Goswami wrote:
> fq={!graph from=from_field to=to_field returnRoot=false}
> Executing _only_ the graph filter query takes about 64.5 seconds. The
> total number of documents from this filter query is a little over 1
> million.

I tried building an index in Solr 7.6 with 4M simple records with every
4th record having a from_field and a to_field, each containing a random
number from 0-65535 as a String.

Asking for the first 10 results:

time curl -s '
 | jq .response.numFound

real	0m0.018s
user	0m0.011s
sys	0m0.005s

Asking for 1M results (ignoring that export or streaming should be used
for exports of that size):

time curl -s '
 | jq .response.numFound

real	0m10.101s
user	0m3.344s
sys	0m0.419s

> Is this performance expected out of graph query ?

As the sanity check above shows, there is a huge difference between
evaluating a graph query (any query really) and asking for 1M results
to be returned. With that in mind, what do you set rows to? 

- Toke Eskildsen, Royal Danish Library

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