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From Mike Phillips <>
Subject Highlighting
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2019 17:36:19 GMT
I don't understand why highlighting does not return anything but the document id.
I created a core imported all my data, everything seems like it should be working.
From reading the documentation I expect it to show me highlight information for
assetName around Potter, but I never get anything but the document id (assetId)

Here are the entries I added to managed-schema for assetName. Anybody know what
I should be targeting as a solution.

    <field name="assetName" type="string" multiValued="false" indexed="true" required="false"
    <copyField source="assetName" dest="_text_"/>

#------------- My query and results -------------#
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<lst name="responseHeader">
  <int name="status">0</int>
  <int name="QTime">1</int>
  <lst name="params">
    <str name="q">Potter</str>
    <str name="hl">on</str>
    <str name="">&lt;/EM&gt;</str>
    <arr name="fq">
    <str name="hl.simple.pre">&lt;EM&gt;</str>
    <str name="_">1555116259160</str>
<result name="response" numFound="2" start="0">
    <long name="securityLevelId">3</long>
    <str name="assetName">Harry Potter and The Order of The</str>
    <date name="modify_timestamp">2012-09-27T02:34:27Z</date>
    <str name="digitalFormatId">Quicktime with Audio</str>
    <long name="assetTypeId">1</long>
    <long name="clientId">11</long>
    <str name="securityLevelCode">Level 3</str>
    <long name="assetIdLong">27</long>
    <str name="assetId">27</str>
    <str name="filename">Harry Potter and The Order of The</str>
    <str name="frameRateId">23.976</str>
    <str name="timeCodeId">Non drop frame</str>
    <str name="aspectRatioId">2.35</str>
    <str name="audioWordSizeId">16</str>
    <str name="chromaFormatId">4:2:0</str>
    <long name="_version_">1624857205677228032</long></doc>
    <long name="securityLevelId">3</long>
    <str name="assetName">StudelyCastleHotel</str>
    <date name="modify_timestamp">2019-04-12T22:57:33Z</date>
    <str name="digitalFormatId">JPEG</str>
    <long name="assetTypeId">1</long>
    <long name="clientId">11</long>
    <str name="securityLevelCode">Level 3</str>
    <long name="assetIdLong">10130</long>
    <str name="assetId">10130</str>
    <arr name="noteType">
    <arr name="notes">
      <str>Michael Potter</str>
    <arr name="noteId">
    <str name="filename">StudelyCastleHotel</str>
    <long name="_version_">1630650901282684928</long></doc>
</result><lst name="highlighting">
  <lst name="27"/>
  <lst name="10130"/>
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