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From Gael Jourdan-Weil <>
Subject SolrCloud one server with high load
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2019 12:18:06 GMT

I come again to the community for some ideas regarding a performance issue we are having.

We have a SolrCloud cluster of 3 servers.
Each server hosts 1 replica of 2 collections.
There is no sharding, every server hosts the whole collection.

Requests are evenly distributed by a Varnish system.

During some peaks of requests, we see one server of the cluster having very high load while
the two others are totally fine.
The server experiencing this high load is always the same until we reboot it and the behavior
moves to another server.
The server experiencing the issue is not necessarily the leader.
All servers receive the same number of requests per seconds.

Load data:
- Server1: 5% CPU when low QPS, 90% CPU when high QPS (this one having issues)
- Server2: 5% CPU when low QPS, 25% CPU when high QPS
- Server3: 5% CPU when low QPS, 20% CPU when high QPS

What could explain this behavior in SolrCloud mechanisms?

Thank you for reading,

Gaƫl Jourdan-Weil

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