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From Andreas Hubold <>
Subject Solr 7.7 UpdateRequestProcessor broken
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2019 15:02:07 GMT

while trying to update from Solr 7.6 to 7.7 I run into some unexpected 
incompatibilites with UpdateRequestProcessors.

The SolrInputDocument passed to UpdateRequestProcessor#processAdd does 
not return Strings for string fields anymore but instances of 
org.apache.solr.common.util.ByteArrayUtf8CharSequence. I found some 
related JIRA issues (SOLR-12983?) but nothing under the "Upgrade Notes" 

I can adapt our UpdateRequestProcessor implementations but at least the 
is broken now as well and needs to be fixed in Solr. It expects String 
values and logs messages such as the following now:

2019-02-14 13:14:47.537 WARN  (qtp802600647-19) [   x:studio] 
o.a.s.u.p.LangDetectLanguageIdentifierUpdateProcessor Field 
name_tokenized not a String value, not including in detection

I wonder what kind of plugins are affected by the change. Does this only 
affect UpdateRequestProcessors or more plugins? Do I need to handle 
these ByteArrayUtf8CharSequence instances in SolrJ clients now as well?


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