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From Erick Erickson <>
Subject Re: Error waiting for SolrCore to be created
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2018 03:05:02 GMT
So I don't know what to recommend except rebooting.
Solr (actually, Lucene)  would _not_ delete that file without
replacing it. There is a great deal of care taken to insure
that the index is consistent and I haven't heard of the
segments file disappearing by itself, some external process
is very likely responsible.

I'm afraid the only thing I can recommend just blowing the
data directory away (rm -rf
while Solr is shut down and re-indexing from scratch.

I suppose some of the Lucene folks might have magic for creating
a new segments* file, but frankly that'd be suspect given
the unknown state of the segments.

Sorry I can't be more help,
On Thu, Dec 13, 2018 at 11:42 AM mahesh16d <> wrote:
> @Erick Erickson
> Thanks for your feedback and support.
> segments* file is missing from
> /solr/solr-6.4.1/server/solr/coreStore_shard1_replica1/data/index directory.
> Erick: Is that directory the one you expect for that replica? This is a
> sanity check, as there's no reason it would change magically.
> Answer: I am not sure about this. I am very new to solr. index folder
> contains all my indexes or data on which we do search. After last reboot of
> server we encountered this error.
> coreStore_shard1_replica1 is the only folder we have and as far as I know we
> do not have another replica.
> Erick: How much extra room is there on the disk? Disk full situations might
> _possibly_ explain it, although that's doubtful.
> There is no issue with the free disk space on the partition, we still have
> few TB's of disk space available.
> Is there any other configuration which I can share here which will be
> helpful to fix the issue?
> Thank you for all your help.
> Mahesh
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