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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: solr crashes
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2018 15:30:35 GMT
On 12/3/2018 2:09 AM, Danilo Tomasoni wrote:
> Unfortunately in this scenario solr often crashes while performing a 
> query, even with a single query and no other source of system load.

What do you mean by "crashes"?  Because what I think of as a crash is 
exceedingly rare with Java programs.  I won't say that Solr can't crash 
... but the only situations where I've seen it happen have been hardware 
problems, OS problems, or bugs in Java.

One thing that can happen that *looks* like a crash is what Solr is 
designed to do on the occurrence of an OutOfMemoryError, if it happens 
on an OS that's not Windows.  In that situation, Java has been 
configured to run a script that kills Solr and creates a log entry 
saying that it ran.  This hasn't been set up on Windows yet.

The following URL was mentioned in one of the other thread replies.  
Here I have added an anchor to go to the part about the Java heap.  If 
what you are observing is that Solr dies, then very likely the OOM 
script is killing Solr due to Java running out of a resource.  This URL 
contains a section describing things that can consume a lot of heap 
memory.  Later there is another section about how to reduce heap 

Note that an OutOfMemoryError can occur because of problems other than 
heap memory.  If Solr is being killed because of the OOME exception, you 
will need to find the reason for the OOME in one of the solr.log files.  
If it got logged, it might be in one of the files named something like 
solr.log.1 through solr.log.9 rather than solr.log itself.


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