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From waseem-farooqui <>
Subject How to handle List<CustomObject> in Solr 6.6
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2018 07:52:09 GMT
I am new with Solr and using Spring-data-solr to store my complete **pdf**
files with its contents now there raise a situation in which I want to store
the file rating, that can be rate by list of users means I would have object
something like this in my **DataModel** `List<FileRating>` in which
`FileRating` would have `user, comments, date, rating` the response json
structure should be like this 

	  "document": "Fuzzy based semantic search.pdf",
	  "md5Hash": "md5",
	  "rated": [
	      "user": "John",
	      "comments": "Not Very useful",
	      "rating": 2,
	      "date": "20/10/2018"
	      "user": "Terrion",
	      "comments": "Useful with context to semantic based fuzzy logics.",
	      "rating": 6,
	      "date": "20/10/2018"
  and I not getting any idea how is this possible in solr have looked
`multivalued` type but I don't think it would work in my scenario because at
the end of the day I want to search all documents with its rating and could
be file rated by specific users.

`Solr 6.6`

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