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From root23 <>
Subject Latency in updates.
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2018 14:46:13 GMT
Hi all,
We are having an issue where we are seeing latency in updates. We are on
solr 6.
The new documents are reflected right away but updates to existing document
take sometime from 30 seconds to couple of minutes.

This is some relevant things from our solrconfig.

Our autosoft commit time is 500ms.(I know its low.)


<int name="maxThreadCount">8</int>
<int name="maxMergeCount">16</int>

We have ssd and 16 physical cores with HT enabled.

Also in our logs i see following .
Lucene flush took 0.003 seconds with 2 segments flushed and 0.022 MB flushed - Lucene flush took 0.001 seconds with 1
segments flushed and 0.009 MB flushed - Lucene flush took 0.006 seconds with 2
segments flushed and 0.057 MB flushed - Lucene flush took 0.008 seconds with 5
segments flushed and 0.046 MB flushed

so if you see we are flushing too often and very small amount . May be its
because of the low autosoft commit time ? 
Can someone explain to me what is going on. Are these things related. 
And why is that new document addition is fast but updates take time. I know
updates have to do a delete first. Is that a reason ? 

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