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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: switch query parser and solr cloud
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2018 12:54:49 GMT
On 9/12/2018 5:47 AM, Dwane Hall wrote:
> Good afternoon Solr brains trust I'm seeking some community advice if somebody can spare
a minute from their busy schedules.
> I'm attempting to use the switch query parser to influence client search behaviour based
on a client specified request parameter.
> Essentially I want the following to occur:
> -A user has the option to pass through an optional request parameter "allResults" to
> -If "allResults" is true then return all matching query records by appending a filter
query for all records (fq=*:*)
> -If "allResults" is empty then apply a filter using the collapse query parser ({!collapse

I'm looking at the documentation for the switch parser and I'm having 
difficulty figuring out what it actually does.

This is the kind of thing that is better to handle in your client 
instead of asking Solr to do it for you.  You'd have to have your code 
construct the complex localparam for the switch parser ... it would be 
much easier to write code to insert your special collapse filter when it 
is required.

> Everything works nicely until I move from a single node solr instance (DEV) to a clustered
solr instance (PTST) in which I receive a null pointer exception from Solr which I'm having
trouble picking apart.  I've co-located the solr documents using document routing which appear
to be the only requirement for the collapse query parser's use.

Some features break down when working with sharded indexes.  This is one 
of the reasons that sharding should only be done when it is absolutely 
required.  A single-shard index tends to perform better anyway, unless 
it's really really huge.

The error is a remote exception, from 
https://myserver:1234/solr/my_collection_ptst_shard2_replica_n2. Which 
suggests that maybe not all your documents are co-located on the same 
shard the way you think they are.  Is this a remote server/shard?  I am 
completely guessing here.  It's always possible that you've encountered 
a bug.  Does this one (not fixed) look like it might apply?

There should be a server-side error logged by the Solr instance running 
on myserver:1234 as well.  Have you looked at that?

I do not know what PTST means.  Is that important for me to understand?


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