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From Ronja Koistinen <>
Subject Re: Solr Cloud 6.6.4 in Docker containers: collection creation fails
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2018 10:38:15 GMT

Thanks for your reply.

I have done all this. I am able to resolve all the nodes from inside all
the other containers on all the other nodes. I am able to "wget" the
http://othernode:8984/solr URLs from inside the containers.

Ronja Koistinen
University of Helsinki

On 04.06.2018 11:34, Jan Høydahl wrote:
> Hi
> Probably some networking issues. I would log in to each node at a time and verify connectivity
to all others.
> Make sure that e.g. "node1" resolves correctly on all RHEL hosts as well as inside docker
> --
> Jan Høydahl, search solution architect
> Cominvent AS -
>> 1. jun. 2018 kl. 15:35 skrev Ronja Koistinen <>:
>> Hello,
>> I am running Solr Cloud 6.6.4 in Docker containers on three RHEL7
>> virtual machines. The containers are networked in bridge mode.
>> I can access the Solr Admin web interface on the nodes and I can see all
>> nodes in the /live_nodes tree in ZooKeeper.
>> ZooKeeper is installed directly on the host virtual machines, i.e.
>> ZooKeeper is not in containers, only the Solr nodes are.
>> When I try to create a new collection through
>> /solr/admin/collections?action=CREATE I get the error
>> "SolrServerException:Server refused connection at http://node1:8984/solr".
>> Please see attached log files. I tried to identify the relevant portions
>> from my Solr logs so not everything is included. (The logs have also
>> been slightly edited to conceal potentially sensitive information and
>> actual hostnames.)
>> Troubleshooting so far: "wget" inside the Solr container on node0 is
>> able to connect to the Solr containers running on node1 and node2, so it
>> should not be a routing or firewall issue.
>> -- 
>> Ronja Koistinen
>> University of Helsinki
>> <api_command.txt><node0_solr.log><node1_solr.log><node2_solr.log>

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