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From Emir Arnautović <>
Subject Re: Sort hits in the order of subqueries
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2018 11:19:20 GMT
Hi Robert,
If I get your requirement right, you can solve it with following:
(q0)^=100 OR (q1)^=90….

Assuming there are no overlaps - otherwise, one matching multiple conditions can change the

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> On 7 Jun 2018, at 11:53, Robert K. <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am investigating the following use case.
> Suppose I have a list of queries q_0, q_1, ..., q_n which I combine to a boolean query
using 'SHOULD'-clauses.
> The requirement for the hits sorting is that the results of q_0 precede the results of
q_1, the results of q_1 precede the
> results of q_2 an so on. If a hit occurs in the results of more then one query, then
we should see it only once in the results
> of the query with the smallest index.
> I have searched for some solutions but didn't find anything useful so far.
> I have considered following approaches:
> 1. Reformulate: q0 & (q_1 & !q_0) & (q2 & !q_0 & !q1) & ...
> While possible, seems to have a potential negative impact on performance due to multiple
evaluations on the same queries.
> I didn't do any measurements, though. It is technically possible to optimize the execution
of this query to evaluate the subqueries
> q_i only once, but I don't know, whether this kind of optimizations is implemented in
the current Lucene/Solr. (?)
> 2. Implement CustomScoreQuery. General idea: Take a list of queries and execute them
in the context of a BooleanQuery mapping
> the scores of the corresponding subqueries to disjunct score ranges, like q_n -> [0,1),
q_(n-1) -> [1,2) and so on.
> Problem: CustomScoreQuery is deprecated, FunctionQuery is the recommeded approach. Still
I didn't see any obvious solution
> how I can use FunctionQuery to implement the idea. Is it possible, should I dive in and
try to do it with FunctionQuery.
> 3. Assuming there is some possibility to solve the task with the FunctionQuery (or anything
within the out-of-the-box Solr). My questions
> are: Is there any solution without having to write our own extension to Solr? Using only
what is delivered in the standard distribution of Solr?
> Note: In the past we solved the problem within our legacy application with a modified
BooleanQuery/BooleanScorer. We could migrate
> (=rewrite) this extension to the current Solr/Lucene, but it may be not the best option,
so I am exploring all the other possibilities.
> Thank you all & Best regards,
> Robert

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