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From root23 <>
Subject Re: Cost of enabling doc values
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2018 15:34:55 GMT
Thanks for the detailed explanation erick.
I did a little math as you suggested. Just wanted to see if i am doing it
So we have around 4 billion docs in production and around 70 nodes.

To support the business use case we have around 18 fields on which we have
to enable docvalues for sorting.

FieldType   totalFields   Size of field 
TriIntField    2               4 bytes
StrField       7                20 bytes
IntField        1                4 bytes
Bool              1              1 bytes
TrieDateField  2             10 bytes
TextField        5             10 bytes

Some of them i approximated the bytes like fot strField and textField based
on no. of chatacters we usually have in those fields. I am not sure about
the TrieDate field how much it will take. Please feel free to correct me if
i am way off.

so acc. to the above total size for a doc is = 2*4 + 20 *7 + 4 + 1+20+50 =
223 bytes.

So for 4 billion docs it comes to approximate 892000000000 bytes or 892 gb.

Does that math sound right or am i way off ?

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