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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Using Solr / Lucene with OpenJDK
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2018 15:23:52 GMT
On 4/24/2018 8:50 AM, Steven White wrote:
> We currently support both Oracle and IBM Java to run Solr and I'm task to
> switch over to OpenJDK.

Oracle Java is the preferred choice.  OpenJDK should be work very well, 
as long as it's at least version 7.  Recent Solr versions require Java 
8, so that should be no problem.

OpenJDK versions before 7, and IBM's Java, are not recommended.  OpenJDK 
6 has known bugs, and IBM's Java enables so many performance enhancement 
optimizations in the language that parts of Lucene misbehave when 
running in IBM Java.

> Does anyone use Solr, any version, with OpenJDK?  If so, what has been you
> experience?  Also, what platforms have you used it on?

I've used it on Linux.  It worked without issues.

> I run Solr on Windows, Linux, AIX and Solaris and on each of those
> platforms, I need to support both 32 and 64 bit Java.

Another strong recommendation:  Don't use 32-bit Java. There's nothing 
technically wrong with it, but it artificially limits the size of the 
heap to 2GB.  It doesn't take super-big indexes to require more heap 
memory than that.

As mentioned early on, Oracle Java is what we prefer.  OpenJDK is the 
reference implementation for the language starting with version 7, 
though -- so we can be pretty sure that you're not missing anything by 
using OpenJDK.


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