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From Joe Doupnik <>
Subject Re: Loss of "Optimise" button
Date Sat, 21 Apr 2018 16:52:22 GMT
On 21/04/2018 17:25, Doug Turnbull wrote:
> I haven’t tracked this change, but can you still optimize through the API?
> Here’s an example using update XML
> There are so many cases hitting “optimize” causes a huge segment merge that
> brings down a Solr cluster that I think I agree with the decision to remove
> such an inviting button.
> Doug
> On Sat, Apr 21, 2018 at 8:08 AM Joe Doupnik <> wrote:
     Thanks for that feedback. Here are my thoughts on the matter. 
Removing deleted docs is often an irregular occurrence, such as say when 
there is overlapping of incoming material with older input. We don' t 
want to optimise often, least often in fact, but when the circumstances 
do exist we want to do it expeditiously and wisely. That says a button 
which we may use when needed, human judgement is employed, and thus 
avoid automation which totally lacks that judgement and which leads to 
often unnecessary system peak loads every day or so.
     I don't want to search high and low for just the right curl 
command. The capability needs to be an intrinsic part of the management 
facility design (say the GUI).
     Clearly documenting the curl approach would be helpful for many sites.
     In my cases, I run my programs typically at night to crawl this & 
that, and do not wish to have to tend them daily. The situations of 
overlap and thus deleted docs typically occurs when I am rebuilding the 
background data sources, and that is when I am working on things and can 
tend the overlaps. I do not want unnecessary peak loadings from automation.
     Thus reinstatement of the Optimize button would mean humans could 
again invoke it if and only when they thought appropriate. The admin GUI 
would be the normal place to perform that, as it was previously. Lacking 
that management facility would be a design shortcoming.
     Joe D.

>>       In Solr v7.3.0 the ability to removed "deleted" docs from a core by
>> use of what until then was the Optmise button on the admin GUI has been
>> changed in an ungood way. That is, in the V7.3.0 Changes list, item SOLR
>> 7733 (quote remove "optmize from the UI, end quote). The result of that
>> is an apparent inability to remove piles of deleted docs, which amongst
>> other things means wasting disk space. That is a marked step backward
>> and is unhelpful for use of Solr in the field. As other comments in the
>> now closed 7733 ticket explain, this is a user item whidh has impact on
>> their site, and it ought to be an inherent feature of Solr. Consider a
>> file system where complete deletes are forbidden, or your kitchen where
>> taking out the rubbish is denied. Hand waving about obscure auto-sizing
>> notions will not suffice. Thus may I urge that the Optimse button and
>> operation be returned to use, as it was until Solr v7.3.0.
>>       Thanks,
>>       Joe D.

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