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From Alessandro Benedetti <>
Subject Re: Learning to Rank (LTR) with grouping
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2018 10:15:02 GMT
Are you using SolrCloud or any distributed search ?

If you are using just a single Solr instance, LTR should have no problem
with pagination.
The re-rank involves the top K and then you paginate.
So if a document from the original score page 1 ends up in page 3, you will
see it at page three.
have you verified that : "Say, if an item (Y) from second page is moved to
first page after 
re-ranking, while an item (X) from first page is moved away from the first 
page.  ?" 
Top K shouldn't start from the "start" parameter, if it does, it is a bug.

The situation change a little with distributed search where you can
experiment this behaviour : 

Let’s explore the scenario on a single Solr node and on a sharded


This means each page is composed by 10 results.
What happens when we hit the page 2 ?
The first 5 documents in the search results will have been rescored and
affected by the reranking.
The latter 5 documents will preserve the original score and original

Doc 11 – score= 1.2
Doc 12 – score= 1.1
Doc 13 – score= 1.0
Doc 14 – score= 0.9
Doc 15 – score= 0.8
Doc 16 – score= 5.7
Doc 17 – score= 5.6
Doc 18 – score= 5.5
Doc 19 – score= 4.6
Doc 20 – score= 2.4
This means that score(15) could be < score(16), but document 15 and 16 are
still in the expected order.
The reason is that the top 15 documents are rescored and reranked and the
rest is left unchanged.


Shards number=2
When looking for the page 2, Solr will trigger queries to she shards to
collect 2 pages per shard :
Shard1 : 10 ReRanked docs (page1) + 5 ReRanked docs + 5 OriginalScored docs
Shard2 : 10 ReRanked docs (page1) + 5 ReRanked docs + 5 OriginalScored docs

The the results will be merged, and possibly, original scored search results
can top up reranked docs.
A possible solution could be to normalise the scores to prevent any
possibility that a reranked result is surpassed by original scored ones.

Note: The problem is going to happen after you reach rows * page >
reRankDocs. In situations when reRankDocs is quite high , the problem will
occur only in deep paging.

Alessandro Benedetti
Search Consultant, R&D Software Engineer, Director
Sease Ltd. -
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