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From ilayaraja <>
Subject Re: Learning to Rank (LTR) with grouping
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2018 04:22:07 GMT
Between, I have applied the patch on top of solr 7.2.1 and it worked well for
me though the Test Cases were failing, yet to see why.

On another note, LTR with reRankDocs>page_size seems to create issue. For
example, Say my page_size=24 and reRankDocs=48. 

For first query with start=0, it returns 24 reranked results from top 2
result pages.
Say, if an item (Y) from second page is moved to first page after
re-ranking, while an item (X) from first page is moved away from the first

For second query with start=24, reRankDocs=48, it returns me second page of
results from results between second and third page that does not have item

So eventually, I do not see item X from first page or next page of results.
Is n't it?

How do we solve this?

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