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From Sadiki Latty <>
Subject RE: SpellCheck Reload
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2018 12:24:17 GMT
Thanks Alessandro, I'll give this a try next time. I ended up deleting the spell folder after
trying the reload option without success. Next time I will try the reload then build method
you suggested.

Thanks again for the info.

-----Original Message-----
From: Alessandro Benedetti [] 
Sent: March-15-18 1:34 PM
Subject: RE: SpellCheck Reload

Hi Sadiki,
the kind of spellchecker you are using built an auxiliary Lucene index as a support data structure.
That is going to be used to provide the spellcheck suggestions.

"My question is, does "reloading the dictionary" mean completely erasing the current dictionary
and starting from scratch (which is what I want)? "

What you want is re-build the spellchecker.
In the case of the the IndexBasedSpellChecker, the index is used to build the dictionary.
When the spellchecker is initialized a reader is opened from the latest index version available.

if in the meantime your index has changed and commits have happened, just building the spellchecker
*should* use the old reader :

  public void build(SolrCore core, SolrIndexSearcher searcher) throws IOException {
    IndexReader reader = null;
    if (sourceLocation == null) {
      // Load from Solr's index
      reader = searcher.getIndexReader();
    } else {
      // Load from Lucene index at given sourceLocation
      reader = this.reader;

This means your dictionary is not going to see any substantial changes.

So what you need to do is :

1) reload the spellchecker -> which will initialise again the source for the dictionary
to the latest index commit
2) re-build the dictionary


Alessandro Benedetti
Search Consultant, R&D Software Engineer, Director Sease Ltd. -
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