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From Tom Peters <>
Subject /var/solr/data has lots of index* directories
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2018 18:13:52 GMT
While trying to debug an issue with CDCR, I noticed that the /var/solr/data directories on
my source cluster have wildly different sizes.

  % for i in solr2-{a..e}; do echo -n "$i: "; ssh -A $i du -sh /var/solr/data; done
  solr2-a: 9.5G   /var/solr/data
  solr2-b: 29G    /var/solr/data
  solr2-c: 6.6G   /var/solr/data
  solr2-d: 9.7G   /var/solr/data
  solr2-e: 19G    /var/solr/data

The leader is currently "solr2-a"

Here's the actual index size:

  Master (Searching)	
  1520273178244 # version
  73034         # gen
  3.66 GB       # size

When I look inside /var/solr/data/ on solr2-b, I see a bunch of index.* directories:

  % ls | grep index

On solr2-a, I only see one index directory (index.20180222192820572).

Does anyone know why this will happen and how I can clean it up without potentially causing
any issues? We're currently on version Solr 7.1.

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