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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Including a filtered-field in the default-field
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2018 22:28:02 GMT
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On 3/12/18 2:50 PM, Erick Erickson wrote:
> Something like:
> ....solr/collection/query?q=chris shultz&defType=edismax&qf=all^10
> phonetic

Interesting. Looks like the "qf=all phonetic" would take the place of
my existing "df=all" parameter.

> The point of edismax is to take whatever the input is and
> distribute it among one or more fields defined by the "qf"
> parameter. In this case, it'll look for "chris" and "shultz" in
> both the "all" and "phonetic" fields. It would boost matches in the
> "all" field by 10, giving you an easy knob to tweak for "this field
> is more important than this other one".
> You can combine  "fielded" searches, something like: 
> ....solr/collection/query?q=firstName:chris 
> shultz&defType=edismax&qf=all phonetic
> would search for "shultz" in the "all" and "phonetic" fields while 
> searching for "chris" only in the "firstName" field.
> As you have noticed, there are a _lot_ of knobs to tweak when it
> comes to edismax, and the result of adding &debug=query to the URL
> can be...bewildering. But edismax was created exactly to spread the
> input out across multiple fields automatically.
> You can also put these as defaults in your requesthandler in 
> solrconfig.xml. The "browse" handler in some of the examples will
> give you a template, I'd copy/paste from the "browse" handler to
> you main handler (usually "selsect"), as the "browse" handler is
> tied into the Velocity templating engine....
> To start, since there are a lot of parameters to tweak, I'd just
> start with the "qf" field (plus some boosts perhaps). Then move on
> to pf, pf2, pf3. mm will take a while to get your head around all
> by itself. I think once you see the basic operation, then the rest
> of the parameters will be easier to understand.
> And I urge you to take it a little at a time, just use two fields
> and two terms and look at the result of &debug=query, the parsed
> query bits, 'cause each new thing you add adds a further
> complication. Fortunately you can just put different parameters on
> the URL and see the results for rapidly iterating.
> Best, Erick
> On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 11:30 AM, Christopher Schultz 
> <> wrote: Erick,
> On 3/12/18 1:36 PM, Erick Erickson wrote:
>>>> Did you try edismax?
> Err.... no, and I must admit that it's a lot to take in. Did you
> have a particular suggestion for how to use it?
> Thanks, -chris
>>>> On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 10:20 AM, Christopher Schultz 
>>>> <> wrote: All,
>>>> I have a Solr index containing application user information 
>>>> (username, first/last, etc.). I have created an "all" field
>>>> for the purpose of using it as a default. It contains most
>>>> but not all fields.
>>>> I recently added phonetic searching for the first and last
>>>> names (together in a single field) but it will only work if
>>>> the query specifies that field like this:
>>>> chris or phonetic:schultz
>>>> Is there a way to add the phonetic field to the "all" field
>>>> and have it searched phonetically alongside the non-phonetic 
>>>> fields/terms? I see I cannot have multiple "default fields"
>>>> :)
>>>> I know on the back-end I can construct a query like this:
>>>> all:[query] phonetic:[query]
>>>> ...but I'd prefer to do as little massaging of the query as 
>>>> possible.
>>>> Thanks, -chris
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