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From Florian Gleixner <>
Subject Re: Changing Leadership in SolrCloud
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2018 16:10:29 GMT
On 27.02.2018 09:36, zahra121 wrote:
> Suppose I have a node which is a leader in SolrCloud.
> When I block this leader's SolrCloud and Zookeeper ports by the command
> "firewall-cmd --remove-port=<SolrPort>/tcp --permanent", the leader does not
> change automatically and this leader status remains active in solr admin UI.
> Thus, I decided to change the leader manually. I tried REBALANCELEADERS and
> ADDROLE commands in solrCloud, however the leader did not change!
> How can I manually change the leader if the firewall blocks the SolrCloud
> ports from being listened?

From the manpage of firewall-cmd:


        The permanent option --permanent can be used to set options
permanently. These changes are not effective immediately, only after
service restart/reload or system reboot. Without the --permanent option,
a change will only be part of the runtime configuration.

So you should also apply it to the runtime configuration. Also note,
that this is a stateful firewall. So rules basically apply to connection
establishment. Changes in firewall rules probably do not interrupt
running connections. You should check that with tcpdump.

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