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From Erick Erickson <>
Subject Re: NRT replicas miss hits and return duplicate hits when paging solrcloud searches
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2018 19:13:24 GMT
Did you try enabling distributed IDF (statsCache)? See:

It's may not totally fix the issue, but it's worth trying. It does
come with a performance penalty of course.


On Mon, Feb 26, 2018 at 11:00 AM, Webster Homer <> wrote:
> Thanks Shawn, I had settled on this as a solution.
> All our use cases for Solr is to return results in order of relevancy to
> the query, so having a deterministic sort would defeat that purpose. Since
> we wanted to be able to return all the results for a query, I originally
> looked at using the Streaming API, but that doesn't support returning
> results sorted by relevancy
> I disagree with you about NRT replicas though. They may function as
> designed, but since they cannot guarantee consistent results their design
> is buggy, at least it is for a search engine.
> On Mon, Feb 26, 2018 at 12:20 PM, Shawn Heisey <> wrote:
>> On 2/26/2018 10:26 AM, Webster Homer wrote:
>> > We need the results by relevancy so the application sorts the results by
>> > score desc, and the unique id ascending as the tie breaker
>> This is the reason for the discrepancy, and why the different replica
>> types don't have the same issue.
>> Each NRT replica can have different deleted documents than the others,
>> just due to the way that NRT replicas work.  Deleted documents affect
>> relevancy scoring.  When one replica has say 5000 deleted documents and
>> another has 200, or has 5000 but they're different docs, a relevancy
>> sort can end up different.  So when Solr goes to one replica for page 1
>> and another for page 2 (which is expected due to SolrCloud's internal
>> load balancing), you may end up with duplicate documents or documents
>> missing.  Because deleted documents are not counted or returned,
>> numFound will be consistent, as long as the index doesn't change between
>> the queries for pages.
>> If you were using a deterministic sort rather than relevancy, this
>> wouldn't be happening, because deleted documents have no influence on
>> that kind of sort.
>> With TLOG or PULL, the replicas are absolutely identical, so there is no
>> difference, unless the index is changing as you page through the results.
>> I think changing replica types is the only solution here.  NRT replicas
>> are working as they were designed -- there's no bug, even though
>> problems like this do sometimes turn up.
>> Thanks,
>> Shawn
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