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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Solr 7. Why UpdateRequestProcessorChain does not take any effect?
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2018 01:12:11 GMT
On 2/25/2018 2:10 PM, FiMko wrote:
> Could you please help, for some reason my custom updateRequestProcessorChain
> does not take any effect.
> I am using Solr v.7.2.1 with two nodes.
> I have the following schema:
> In my solrconfig.xml I added:
> I enabled TRACE logging for UpdateRequestProcessorChain,
> CloneFieldUpdateProcessorFactory and DistributedUpdateProcessorFactory (but
> still cannot see this in the logs).
> After I add a new document like {"text_en":"test"}, the field
> "text_en_exact" is never populated with this value by
> CloneFieldUpdateProcessorFactory.

The things you referenced did not make it to the mailing list.  What I 
have quoted above is exactly what made it to the mailing list.

By going to the Nabble forum (which is a mirror of the list) I was able 
to see the two things you referenced.  Nabble does not always send 
everything that its users include to the list.

The logs you mentioned in your second message aren't there, not even on 

The information you included as your schema is not useful. If we end up 
needing that information, and I'm not sure we will, then we need the 
actual schema contents, not information from the Schema tab in the admin UI.

The information from solrconfig.xml is just an update chain definition.  
Unless you *activate* that update chain, it will not take effect.  You 
can only have one update chain active, so if you're currently using the 
"add-unknown-fields" chain commonly found in examples, that will no 
longer be running once you activate this new one.

Why are you using an update chain to do what the schema can do natively 
with copyField?


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