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From Scott Prentice <>
Subject SolrCloud installation troubles...
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2018 20:13:10 GMT
Using Solr 7.2.0 and Zookeeper 3.4.11

In an effort to move to a more robust Solr environment, I'm setting up a 
prototype system of 3 Solr servers and 3 Zookeeper servers. For now, 
this is all on one machine, but will eventually be 3 machines.

This works fine on a Ubuntu 5.4.0-6 VM on my local system, but when I do 
the same setup on the company's network machine (a Red Hat 4.8.5-16 VM), 
I'm unable to create a collection. To keep things simple, I'm not using 
our custom schema yet, but just creating a collection through the Solr 
Admin UI using Collections > Add Collection, using the "_default" config 
set. On the Ubuntu system, I can create various collections .. 1 shard 
w/ 1 replication .. 2 shards w/ 3 replications .. 3 shards w/ 4 
replications .. all seem alive and well.

But when I do the same thing on the Red Hat system it fails. Through the 
UI, it'll first time out with this message ..

     Connection to Solr lost

Then after a refresh, the collection appears to have been partially 
created, but it's in the "Gone" state, and after some time, is deleted 
by an apparent cleanup process. If I try to create one through the 
command line ..

     ./bin/solr create -c test99 -n _default -s 2 -rf 2

I get this response ..

ERROR: Failed to create collection 'test99' due to: 
occured when talking to server at:, 
occured when talking to server at:, 
occured when talking to server at:}

I've seen other reports of errors like this but no solutions that seem 
to apply to my situation. Any thoughts?


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