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From Markus Jelsma <>
Subject RE: Trouble with mm and SynonymQuery and KeywordRepeatFilter
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2017 20:40:18 GMT
Hello - any ideas to share on this topic?

Many thanks,

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> From:Markus Jelsma <>
> Sent: Tuesday 19th December 2017 12:38
> To: Solr-user <>
> Subject: Trouble with mm and SynonymQuery and KeywordRepeatFilter
> Hello,
> I have an interesting issue with mm and SynonymQuery and KeywordRepeatFilter. We do query
time synonym expansion and use KeywordRepeat for not only finding stemmed tokens. Our synonyms
are already preprocessed and contain only stemmed tokens. Synonym file contains: traject,verbind
> So, any non-root stem that ends up in a synonym is actually a search for three terms:
+DisjunctionMaxQuery(((title_nl:trajecten Synonym(title_nl:traject title_nl:verbind))))
> But, our default mm requires that two terms must match if the input query consists of
two terms: 2<-1 5<-2 6<90%
> So, a simple query looking for a plural (trajecten) will not match a document where the
title contains only its singular form: q=trajecten will not match document with title_nl:"een
> Now, my question is, how to deal with this problem? I clearly do not want mm to think
i input two terms!
> Many many thanks,
> Markus

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